Bill Weisbach’s private studio¬†is centered around multiple digital audio workstations, supplemented by an array of outboard gear, software tools, virtual instruments, and an eclectic collection of acoustic, electric, electro-acoustic, electronic, and handmade instruments.

Weisbach’s massive sound library represents more than four decades of recording, sampling and programming, and includes original field recordings, multi-sampled instruments, soundscapes, grooves, and more. In addition, commercial SFX libraries and select virtual instruments provides a remarkable palette of sound color.

Primary DAW systems include ProTools, DigitalPerformer, and Ableton Live Suite. Ancillary systems run Reason, Metasynth, and others. Also included is a full complement of world-class software tools and plugins for sound design, mastering, sonic restoration, and delivery.

Acoustic instruments include Yamaha grand piano, a large collection of percussion instruments (from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East), plus electric & acoustic guitars, multiple drum kits, and some very special primitive and exotic instruments (more).

Electronic instruments include extensive MIDI hardware synthesizers and samplers – more than a dozen keyboards, modules, and controllers, dating 1970s – present. In the virtual realm are current softsynths and software instruments from North America and Europe.

The features a digital signal path with SolidState & tube front ends, Yamaha digital mixers, and HD recording via multiple Avid and MOTU interfaces. Also ADAT inline for legacy transfers. Recording and outboard gear by Yamaha, Sony, JoeMeek, PreSonus, Korg, Line6, Moog, and Waldorf. Microphones by AKG, Rode, Sennheiser, Shure, and AudioTechnica.


original music, scoring, sound design, mastering, audio post, mixing, music production