Chapman Stick
electric and acoustic guitars by Danelectro and Seagull
Danno electric bass
custom FX pedal boards including Moog, Line6, and ElectroHarmonix devices
McNally Alto & Grand Strumsticks
Hawaiian lapSteel guitar
soprano and 8-string tenor ukuleles
vintage Jaymar toy piano
Paiste and Wuhan gongs, cupchimes and cymbals
drums by Gretsch, Sonor, Ludwig, PorkPie, Eames, Premier, Yamaha, and Pearl (including several custom hybrids)
vintage Big Band-era Gretsch/RadioKing drumset
Swedish Cromwell wind-reed organ
Hohner melodicas & harmonicas
concert flute
bamboo, & wood flutes
Austrian Concert HarpZither
Dholak & darabuka
Moroccan ceramic bongos
African djun djun & talking drum
Mid-East and African framedrums
Ossi slitdrum and toungedrums
Xylopipes and crotales
Synthesizers & MIDI controllers by Novation, Yamaha, Waldorf, Roland, Korg, others
miscellaneous orchestral & world percussion instruments (loads)
toy noizmakers and toy percussion (piles)


original music, scoring, sound design, mastering, audio post, mixing, music production